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Wood & Mulifuel Stoves, Gas fires, Electic Fires installations, Chimney Repairs,
Installation preparation works, Supply only also available 

The Fire Shop
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The Fire Shop

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Every Flame
Tells a Story...

Archer, a name synonymous with excellence and innovation, proudly presents a collection of contemporary woodburning and
gas stoves, setting new standards in home heating.
Crafted with precision and pride in our British workshops, our
stoves and fires embody the essence of quality and performance. With each flickering flame, a unique story is told, as warmth and style converge to redefine your home’s ambiance and comfort.

Archer Vulcan XL Wood Stove in Black (2).jpg
a fireplace in a room
Clock-blithfield-compact 5
Clock Woodburners

Warm, cosy and secure is how you deserve to feel at home, and creating this feeling is at the heart of everything Clock do. Clock's aim is to create a range of stoves, all designed and built here in the UK, that not only lift your spirits and warm your toes, but leave you secure in the knowledge that you have chosen a highly efficient stove that is built to last.

fire shop


Rocal offers a wide range of products for you to choose the one that best suits your home. Their stoves are the result of hi-tech manufacturing methods combined with handcrafted finishes. A process in which every attention is paid to detail and only the highest quality materials are used.

They aim to provide functional design that is pleasing to the eye. 

fire shop



The best wood-burning stoves at this price! When you buy a TermaTech wood-burning stove you are getting an environmentally-friendly wood-burning stove featuring a high quality of craftsmanship.

The design is Danish and operating it is easy. The cost, however, is light on your wallet. We really want to give our customers a product that not only provides heat on cold days but is also a comforting investment in the long term. Here, we are thinking about the economics, the quality and, not least, the environment. It is a stunning piece of furniture for the family to gather in front of to watch the living flames and enjoy the ultimate in cosiness.

Wood burner stove
Quaruba XL wall 001.jpg

When you are ready to explore the possibilities, we have a range of options to get you started. Our selection of ready-made wood-fired pizza ovens include models designed exclusively for outdoor use and others which can be installed indoors. These indoor / outdoor ovens are supplied in a number of sections, according to size, and require assembly on site. 


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