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Self installation, Supply Only 
Stove Packages

exclusively for customers who are wanting to carry out their own installation

Can I install my own stove?


The short answer is – yes you can - but you need to meet Building Regulation Requirements. At The Fire Shop we always advocate that stove installations be carried out by a registered, competent professional as they have the experience and knowledge to ensure stove are safely installed, but understand that for some this can be prohibitively expensive.


So what do you need to know if you’re thinking about self-installation?


Law states that the installation of all multi fuel stoves and wood burners must be notified to your local authority. You will need to contact your local Building Control Officer so that they can inspect the installation and ensure that it complies with relevant Building Regulations. There will be a charge from Building Control for this service.


It is advisable to get to know the requirements of Document J before you start. There are some key elements you should consider when planning the work:


Combustible materials: There are strict guidelines about the proximity of combustible materials such as wooden mantles, stud walls and hearths.

Flues: You must ensure the safe passage of fumes and smoke from your flue or chimney, and meet requirements regarding windows and neighbouring properties.

Ventilation: You must provide adequate air to feed the stove and to avoid the build up of toxic gases.


Document J also includes requirements on how your flue should pass through roofs, ceilings and walls, when you do not have an existing chimney and are creating a new system.


Although Document J is a very detailed technical document, the section on solid fuel stoves is only part of it.


We would advise you engage a chimney sweep to check your flue condition and measure its length. A head for heights is also a must when fitting a liner and appropriate chimney termination.


How can The Fire Shop help?


We have put together a package exclusively for customers who are wanting to carry out their own installation, packages include a 5kw stove with 10m of liner, connecting & termination components and CO detector.

We can also provide hearths and chimney pots on a supply only basis at an extra cost.




If you have explored the idea and decided you would prefer a registered professional, please contact us to book your free, no-obligation survey on 01424 319865


Farrow 5KW - Multifuel Stove Screw Pack

Multi Fuel Free Standing Stove

Designed with the smaller room in mind, the traditionally styled Farrow 5kw Stove is designed to fit neatly into a standard builders opening. The Farrow introduces classic form with a modern contemporary feel.

A clean styled, flexible model that works with both modern and traditional settings. The Farrow 5kw is available with controllability of the 2 sliders which allows full control of the primary air intake and secondary air wash.

Pack Includes:

  • Farrow 5kW Multifuel Stove

  • 5" 10m of 316/316 Grade Ultraflex Liner

  • 5" 500mm Vitreous Stove Pipe

  • 5" Screw Type Flue Adaptor

  • 5" Terrocotta Screw Type Suspending Cowl


Inc Vat

*Delivery charges may apply 

*individual items within the package cannot be returned or refunded separately.

Product Features

  • Defra approved

  • Stunning large glass flame picture

  • Built in air wash

  • Top & Rear Outlet

  • Flue Draught Test Point

  • Direct Air Intake

  • Versatile contemporary style

  • Vermiculite lined

  • Manufactured to British quality assurance

  • Certified and tested to European Standards (BS EN 13240)

  • Steel Body & Cast iron Door

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