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Chimney Repairs 

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For all your chimney repair needs call The Fire Shop today for a free survey

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Repairing and Maintaining Flues and Chimney Stacks 

Chimneys don’t just need to be regularly swept but also need to remain in good physical condition to ensure the safety of your properties occupants as well as members of the public. A chimney or flue that is damaged will not work as efficiently as one in good working order, presenting you with a variety of consequences that could be hazardous to health. 


The Fire Shop take the maintenance of chimneys and fireplace seriously which is why we also offer repair services to all of our customers. Whether your flue liner needs replacing or your chimney stack is damaged at roof level, call us today for professional chimney repairs that will return your chimney to full health. 

A blocked or broken flue can result in incomplete combustion that can cause poisonous gasses and smoke to enter your property through your fireplace. In addition, any physical damage that is left un-rectified could result in the breakout of a fire within your chimney during use. The Fire Shop provide chimney inspection services for your chimney flues, providing you with a health report on the condition of your chimney which will allow us to propose remedial work. 


We usually find that the chimney liner present within chimneys and flues has cracked which can impair the quality of the air draft and increase the build-up of creosote and other harmful chemicals. If we find this to be the case, we can propose the installation of a new flue liner  which will rectify the problem and ensure that your fireplace is safe again.

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