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TT23 Series

TT23 is characterized by easy operation and delicious cast iron details, wrapped in a stylish and timeless Scandinavian design with a large curved front glass and two large side windows. This creates a fantastic panoramic effect whereby the fire can be enjoyed from all angles.


As a starting point, it is possible to choose between 2 different variants – steel sides with cast iron top or heat-storing soapstone sides with soapstone top.
In addition, a form-cut glass or steel floor plate and a fireplace set for the stove’s wood-burning door can be selected.

The elegant cold handle enhances the clean design lines. The unique closing mechanism in the cast iron door, which works with heat-resistant magnets, guarantees optimum operating comfort and long life.

As an option, the handle for the TT23 series is also available in black lacquered stainless steel.

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