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Enjoy the sight of the fire from all sides


The TT23RG has elegant rounded steel sides and cast iron top, as well as a large curved front glass and two large side glasses. The stove is equipped with a stainless steel cold handle and a practical wood-burning door – for which an integrated fireplace set can be selected. Easy operation and delicious cast iron details wrapped in a stylish and timeless Scandinavian design.




As a starting point, it is possible to choose between 2 different variants – steel sides with cast iron top or heat-storing soapstone sides with soapstone top.
In addition, a form-cut glass or steel floor plate and a fireplace set for the stove’s wood-burning door can be selected.

The elegant cold handle enhances the clean design lines. The unique closing mechanism in the cast iron door, which works with heat-resistant magnets, guarantees optimum operating comfort and long life.

As an option, the handle for the TT23 series is also available in black lacquered stainless steel.




The combustion is easily controlled using the discrete control lever located under the cast iron door. The built-in boot function makes the use of the TT23 very easy. The large ash drawer with associated lid makes it easy and clean to carry the ashes out. The depth of the combustion chamber provides a good and beautiful combustion, at the same time as it creates the possibility of a large glow layer and prevents the ash from swirling out. The stove’s top plate, door and combustion chamber bottom are made of cast iron. Thisextends the life and strengthens the stability. Fresh air / outdoor air can be connected directly to the combustion on the TT23. This may be necessary in brand new or newly renovated houses. Common to all TT23 models is that they can be mounted and connected to the chimney both above and behind.


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Colour Options
  • Operating Range (kW) 3-7
    Spigot Location Top & Rear
    Efficiency 81%
    Heats m² 30-120
    Warranty (up to, years) 5
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