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The slim stove with big world views

If you have a big space in your life and you only want to burn wood, then this version of Woody is the one for you. Slim, efficient, clean burning and innovative. The Woody Eco (Cat) is 83% efficient and has a particulate emission figure that is 75% lower than the figure required by Ecodesign standard, thanks to the catalytic converter technology.

A catalytic converter consists of a honeycomb type structure with a large surface area which is coated with catalytic materials. As the gases pass over the surface chemical reactions occur, resulting in changes to the composition of the flue gases. In a wood stove, oxidation of the products of incomplete combustion, change the make-up of the gases, for example toxic carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon gases are oxidised into less harmful carbon dioxide and water. These chemical reactions release heat energy. This is effectively a secondary combustion process, as it raises the temperature of the converter to the point where solid soot particles can be burned. For this reason they are sometimes referred to as ‘catalytic combustors’.


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Woody Eco Cat (Wood Only)

Colour Options
  • Nominal Output: 5kW
    Efficiency (wood) 82%

    Multi-Fuel - No Wood Only 
    Smoke Control Kit Included - Yes
    Colours Available - Yes
    Max Log Length - 430mm
    Flue Collar Diameter - 127mm
    Flue Size Required - 150mm (6”)
    Flue Size Required With Smoke Control Kit min - 125mm (5”)

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