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VITCAS DOUBLE CASA PIZZA OVEN Vitcas Double Casa Pizza Oven is hand cast from high class and high temperature refractories. It is relatively easy and quick to assemble and insulate it. You can then decorate according to your own taste using coloured bricks, decorative tiles and paints. Double Casa outdoor pizza oven is larger than the original Casa. It has the capacity to hold 3-4 pizzas at a time, perfect for larger families or households. This is also ideal for when you have more outdoor space in your garden, and for when you host family/friend gatherings and parties. Alternatively, the oven could be used in a commercial context i.e. in a restaurant, but it is most popular for domestic use.This pizza oven is compact and, if insulated well, can retain heat for a long time, so that you can cook multiple times without having to keep burning wood. Very eco-friendly and economically efficient.


NOTE: This kit does not include the log storage stand or the insulating plinth, however you can buy the plinth NOTE: This Vitcas wood fired oven does NOT include the fire bricks in the illustration


    The Vitcas Double Casa oven is a convenient way to install a wood fired oven in your garden. Constructed in the UK from high quality refractory material, this oven is practical and easy to assemble. It comes in 11 pieces, none heavier than 25kg's, which fit together simply and are securely held in place using the Vitcas heat resistant silicone supplied.
    No. of pizzas: 3-4 at a time

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