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The Ultimate Concept in Fireplace Design

These are the most advanced marble suites available today. Produced using our new Seamless Jointing Method means they appear to be made from solid blocks of marble. They are designed to sit against a flat wall with no rear opening required.
Available in a choice of micrograin marble colours with fire options as shown.
The electric fires are supplied by leading manufacturers using the latest technology, allowing you to adjust the flame effects to suit your mood.


  • This model can be made with the left or right side of the fire showing, it can also be made with no side showing
  • Also available all in one colour and all eight marble variations (extra charge for ice flow)
  • Fire shown is the British fires 870
  • Priced with a British fires 870

The Sussex Suite + British Fires 870

  • British Fires 870



    • Heat output: 1500 W
    • Supply voltage: 220–240 V AC
    • Rating power: 50 Hz
    • Fuse rating: 13 Amp
    • Lighting: LED


    • 3-pin plug included
    • All fuel bed items supplied
    • Wall mounting option included
    • CE certified
    • Remote control included
    • 6 Marble colour options 
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