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Introducing the Popty Ciwb, one of our new series of wood fired cooker stoves based on the 5 kW Stock Cube firebox, with a top oven box. This is a gloriously chilled Penguin.


It is comfortable and at ease with itself sitting in the middle of our penguin family tree.  It sits between it’s more compact Hungry Penguin cousins and the bigger 78 members of the family. It will be cooking your wood fired melty pizzas, crusty bread, bakes and stews while warming your heart and your home. If you have never thought about wood fired cooking, consider that the stove’s on anyway and you’ve already paid for the fuel, so in a way….dinner’s  for free.


We had to have a Popty series, welsh for oven and “ciwb” as it sounds-welsh for “cube”. So the Popty Ciwb or the Popty Cube. Who wouldn’t want to pop something in a popty? It is an old word possibly originating from the old shared bakehouses. “Pobi”, bake and “Ty”, house. We love the association with shared baking and perhaps stretching a hand back through the history to other generations who also cooked on solid fuel.



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The Popty Ciwb

Colour Options
  • Output 5.0kW
    Efficiency 82.4%
    Fuel Wood
    Airwash Yes
    Air Controls 2 regulators (Primary / Secondary) + boost
    Construction Steel
    Flue Outlet Top or Rear
    Flue Size 125mm/5”
    Log Length 300mm
    Guarantee 7 Years
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