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Rocal Barbara 90 Wood Burning Stove



The Rocal Barbara 90 is a contemporary free standing wood burning stove that is available in black that is classical in design.

This designer wood stove boasts a large 15kW heat output along with its beautiful 180° fire view that takes advantage of the flames from every angle, anywhere in the room. The view is truely emmersive.


This fire wood burning stove takes a maximum of 40cm logs and has a 20 cm flue diamater flue.

A robust and durable wood fire that sits proud in any home interior. A simple but efficient wood fire design at A+ efficiency.


The size of the Rocal Barbara 90 is ideal for any size room. It doesn’t overcrowd or dominate a room nor does it fall into the background.


The fire features a ceiling plate above the long extendable flue to neatly finish off the opening.

The Barbara is an outset fireplace that has a timeless classical feel to it.


The Barbara 90 is a 3 sided wood burning stove that sits outset of a wall much the same as a fireplace.


  • 3 Sided design
  • Large fire display
  • Contemporary classical design

The Barbara wood stove is a large outset fireplace

Rocal Barbara 90

  • Flue Exit - Top Exit

    Material - Steel

    Heat Output - Large (8kW to 10.9kW)

    Placement - Freestanding

    Style - Traditional

    Eco Design Ready - Yes

    Energy Efficiency Class - A

    Fuel Type - Wood

    Sides - 3 Sided

    Colour - Black

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