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The Quaruba XL Outdoor Fireplace is a graceful cube-shaped fireplace with an unique modular look. This Quaruba XL model is stationary, sitting on 4 legs.

Choose how many side you would like filled with glass.

The Quaruba XL Stationary Fireplace is made of 3mm Corten Steel that will naturally weather and develop a beautiful and protective layer of rust.

  • Your choice of 1 to 4 sided glass enclosing the fire. The 1st side of glass is the door.
  • Fireproof bottom stones.
  • 1x Outlet Ø 150x2mm L=1000mm included.
  • 1x Outlet Ø 150x2mm L=1000mm + control valve included.
  • Airspoiler above the glass.
  • Stub welded to the top plate to prevent rainwater from entering stove.
  • Rainhood included standard, without spark arrester.



  • What does CorTen steel mean?
    -rosion resistance               : corrosion resistance
    TEN-sile strength                        : tensile strength
    It has been developed by US Steel with the aim of creating weatherproof steel. It is a metal alloy consisting of iron to which copper, silicon, nickel and chromium have been added.

    CorTen steel properties
    Characteristic of CorTenstaal is the brown-orange rust color and the long lifespan.
    Through the addition of the other metals to the iron, CorTen steel develops a solid layer of rust, the oxide skin, which shields the deeper material from oxygen. In contrast to ordinary steel, corrosion is not a wear, but rather a protection of the steel.
    The solid rust layer that has to develop will, depending on the weather, take 2 to 6 months. After this, the CorTen no longer delivers rust (water).

    Faster start-up of the rust process
    Accelerating and allowing to rust more evenly is possible with a salt or acid solution.
    For salt, kitchen salt works fine and for acid can be thought of vinegar. Mix this with water in a plant spray and inject the product.

    Benefits of CorTen steel
    • beautiful appearance and gets a warm rust color
    • very durable (lasts about 10 times longer than ordinary steel)
    • very strong material (similar to stainless steel)
    • does not need to be treated
    • it is 100% recyclable

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