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With its remarkably slim profile, the Slimline 3 is especially design for pre-cast flues but will fit almost any flue, from conventional chimneys to pre-fabricated flues.An advanced burner provides probably the most realistic flame effect and fuel bed with high-efficiency heat output.With choices of trims and frets in four different finishes, along with three contemporary fascias, the Slimline 3 can be styled to suit any taste or interior.The fire fits the majority of pre-cast flues on a 1" rebate, while there is also a low lintel version for 20" high openings.


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PARAGON Slimline 3

    • Gas Type: Natural Gas
    • Flue Type: Class 1, Class 2 or Pre-Cast
    • Fuel Effect: Coals
    • ControlsManual or Slide
    • Gas Input: Up to 7.0kW
    • Heat Output: Up to 4.1kW
    • Efficiency: Up to 65%
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