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The new Paragon gas stove models are manufactured with heavy-duty, seam-welded steel bodies and doors in keeping with high quality solid fuel originals.  Being gas fired, all the aesthetic advantages of a freestanding stove can be enjoyed without the effort of starting and maintaining a fire or having wood and ash to deal with.

Conventional flue models can be fitted into Class 1, Class 2 and Pre-cast flues and come complete with an innovative closure plate system for existing 16” fireplace openings. BF models have a rear mounted “through the wall” flue system supplied with the unit. Additional extension pipes are available to cope with exterior wall applications up to a useful 970mm thickness. Both the CF and BF models are available in either natural or LPG gas.


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    • 78% Efficiency
    • Highly Realistic Log effect
    • Large Panoramic Window
    • Manual Control
    • Adjustable Feet
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