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Our brand-new Real Flame TechnologyTM with 16 colour options each available in five mood settings. The mood settings allow for five differing levels of brightness and size of flames.

• Dancing flames swaying with sparks and smoke to add to the illusion.

• 9 Log light options and 3 downlight options.

• Realistic Ambilight flickering fuel bed with ten options and four mood settings. Choose from a glowing, natural amber or take your pick from any one of eight other shades to match your mood – all easily set using your remote control. You can even set the colours to gradually shift from one shade to another, cycling through the whole palette to create an ever changing display.

• Optional LED Lighting – Create the right mood in your room by lighting the area surrounding your fire, optional lengths of LED lighting strips are available that plug into your fire and you can run in your fireplace or build into the wall.


The new C&J Smart App enables you to control all aspects of the fire from your mobile device, including the optional crackle sound effect allowing you to enjoy the sound of the logs burning.

• Use the “My Flame” button and scroll through 9 pre-selected flickering flames and glowing log selections to find your favourite or you can set positions 7, 8 & 9 to you preferred setting.

• Our woodland log set, with pulsating log lights creating a unique central feature.


Compatible with 14 fascia and fret options.

• Highly efficient heat control via a 7-day programmable timer and an electric thermostat all incorporated into the stylish remote-control handset.

• EcoDesign compliant built to EU and UK standards that allows you to control your fire and includes open window detection.

• Two generous heat settings which are chosen automatically by the controls to meet and maintain your chosen room temperature.

• 5-year extended parts warranty (first 2 years parts & labour).


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Opulus 16″ Electric Fire with Real Flame Technology


    Category - Inset Electric Fires

    Fuel Bed - Logs

    Finish - Elite Fascia Chrome / Black, Elite Fascia Chrome / Chrome, Prestige Fascia Nickel / Black, Prestige Fascia Nickel / Chrome

    Control Options - Manual, Remote

    Heat Output (kW) - 1 (kW), 2 (kW)

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