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A stove that cooks up something a little different!

The Adventurer 5 is designed to keep you warm, create a brilliant visual point in your glamping pod/log cabin/yurt/narrowboat (delete as appropriate) and to also cook your favourite dish! The optional oven accepts 22cm casserole dishes or 27 x 22cm baking tins. The insulated lift-off modular oven comes complete with a temperature gauge, handles, a two wire shelf and and optional glass door. Pan and kettle safety can be improved by opting for the handcrafted solid stainless fiddle rail. For narrowboats and highly confined spaces, the BS8511 compliant marine unit is available.

Fitted Heatshield Package:

Attached directly to the stove body itself, the Adventurer 5 fitted heatshield package reduces clearance to combustable materials to 70mm at the sides and 75mm at the rear.

Freestanding Heatshield Package:

The Adventurer 5 freestanding heatshield package is designed to provide a complete solution, including hearth, for stable installations into combustible surroundings. The steel sides may be safely sited as close as 50mm to combustible wall materials, which lends itself to camping pods and similar.


Click here for the Fireline Range


    • SIA Ecodesign Ready
    • DEFRA exempt
    • Ideal for camping, glamping pods, log cabins, yurts, narrowboats and all sorts of off-grid situations
    • 100% stainless steel fixings for incredible durability
    • A+ energy rating
    • 300-350C degree hotplate
    • Output 3.4-5.3kW operating range
    • Powerful airwash to keep the glass clean
    • Being multi-fuel it’s able to burn both logs and suitable smokeless fuel
    • All the features of a large stove, in a compact package
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