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This stove is wood burning only and 4.6kW output, It is Eco Design ready and a Defra smoke control model.


Designed to meet incredibly low emission standards, all our ECODESIGN stoves have been independently tested against strict criteria in order to have an even lower impact on the environment compared with open fires and some older stoves. for more information please click here

Smoke Control

This efficient stove has been developed as an exceptionally clean burning stove so that it is independently approved for burning wood in a smoke control area.


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Alandale ECO 4.6kw Wood

    • Smoke Control
    • Wood Burning
    • Eco Design Ready
    • 4.6 kW
    • Suitable for a 12mm Hearth
    • Max Log length 250mm
    • 5” Dia Flue Collar
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