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The Clearview 650 wood stove is a traditional style woodburning stove that is available in 6 beautiful colours. The Clearview 650 has two large double glazed doors and is an efficient clean burning stove that has the hot air wash system common to all Clearview wood stoves. The Clearview 650 also comes in a variety of designs as a Flat Top, Low Canopy or High Canopy.


The legs can be 2,4 or 6 inches on this Clearview stove.


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Colour Options
  • Heat Output2.5kW to 12kW

    Weight154 – 165kgs (without boiler)

    Flue Outlet175mm (7”)

    Boiler Options10,000Btu. (Domestic)Connections A & D27,000Btu. (Baffle)Connections A,B,C & E40,000Btu. (Wrap-round)Connections A,B,C & E

    Max. Log Length450mm (18”) approx


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