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Vulcanus grills have a luxury patented design. The body of the grill is manufactured from patinated COR-TEN steel and fitted with a slow heat-release lining. This improves the circulation of hot air inside the grill. It also ensures thermal stability and reduces wood consumption when grilling.

Compared to a circular grill, the square shape of the cooktop offers a grilling surface that is up to ⅓ larger. The cooktop is divided into two heat zones, which means you can grill meats one side, while warming up cheese and vegetables on the other.


The tall and specially elongated base offers more wood storage, a place to store cook- and tableware, as well as a professional butcher’s chopping board. Prepare and serve food in comfort – right next to the grill.


The tall base with wood storage chamber is perfect for grilling while standing. Additionally, you can place your cook- and tableware, and any other items you need keeping handy on the shelf provided.


What wood can I burn in a Vulcanus grill?

You can practically use any type of hardwood, provided it has a residual moisture level of less than 20%. Wood should therefore be sufficiently dried out. Green wood releases smoke and tar when burnt, thereby making the grill smokier and reducing its thermal performance. We recommend using technically dried logs cut into 33 cm lengths, which you can buy from any DIY or garden superstore. Charcoal can also be used.

The Vulcanus Grill Pro730 Masterchef

    • cooktop with EU certificate of food contact compliance
    • central cooking grid for grilling in direct flame, adjustable in two positions, pot adapter (accessories available separately 
    • system for draining grease for healthy grilling without carcinogens
    • simple ash emptying system in the bottom of the grill
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