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Popty Stout is stout and proud, hardworking and grounded. This is a penguin to rely on.  It has the Stock Cube firebox, a top oven box and side convector panels making it wider than the Popty Ciwb.


In with that robust nature their is room for joy, it has all the friday night-waiting for you to come home -flavour of its dark and frothy namesake.


We had to have a Popty series, welsh for oven. Who wouldn’t want to pop something in a popty? It is an old word possibly originating from the old shared bakehouses. “Pobi”, bake and “Ty”, house. We love the association with shared baking and perhaps stretching a hand back through the history to other generations who also cooked on solid fuel.



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The Popty Stout

Colour Options
  • Output 5.0kW
    Efficiency 82.4%
    Fuel Wood
    Airwash Yes
    Air Controls 2 regulators (Primary / Secondary) + boost
    Construction Steel
    Flue Outlet Top or Rear
    Flue Size 125mm/5”
    Log Length 300mm
    Guarantee 7 Years
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