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This has always been the baby of the family, the Chilli Billie Gentoo  (Generation 2-Gentoo…we couldn’t resist!) is still in no hurry to grow up. It likes chilling out… warming up… drying off and frying up. Found hanging out in small spaces like camping pods, yurts, beach huts, shepherds huts, sheds and studios. Also fond of little cottages and home that need a smaller heat output.

It has undergone a redesign to meet the Ecodesign criteria. We wanted to keep the essential nature of the Chilli Billie, with its little round porthole window but we are so excited that we have been able to introduce a few little extras at the same time, including an optional “food tube”  for your week end brunches, lazy lunches, evening cook-ups and everything in between.

It is now front loading with the same stainless steel handle as the rest of the penguins. It has a stainless steel top plate as standard. The optional side shelves also have the stainless top. There are a selection of penguin heat shield enclosures. It is a bit wider than the original and the air controls are different.


AIR CONTROLS: There are 3 air control knobs, the air boost disc, the air wash slider and the air control knob. This makes the Chilli Billie very controllable. Open all air controls when the fire is first lit, then let the boost disc swing down once the fire is established and adjust the other two controls to suit.


Wood burns better on a bed of ash, but when you do want to empty it, you just scoop it out from the base of the firebox. We have a tool called a "sgŵp" (pronounced scoop), available in our online shop, designed specifically for stoves without grates.

EFFICIENCY: The efficiency is 81.8%. It has passed all the testing requirements for Ecodesign and for suitability to burn in smoke control zones and is just awaiting certification.


OPTIONS: 1. We make a selection of "Penguin Enclosures" for the Chilli Billie, these provide a separate and distinct space for the stove to sit in. They are double skinned to allow for the flow of cool air around the enclosure. They also act as a heat shield behind and to the sides and provide a hearth. There is a currently a round and square corner enclosure option and more options are in development.

2. There are optional side shelves, which fit either on the right or the left side (or both if you want two). These are designed to extend the top surface and give somewhere to place pans and kettle away from the direct heat.

3. There are optional Food Tubes, that slide in behind the fire box and can be used for cooking food. You can order a single tube to go in one side or two smaller ones to go in from each side.


COOKING with a CHILLI BILLIE: The Chilli Billie has a stainless steel top plate (oven top surface) fixed on top of the painted stove surface. You can fit a small saucepan or coffee pot and a small flat bottomed kettle on the top plate. If you order an optional food tube, (available in 2 sizes) you can cook food inside this. It is inserted into the aperture behind the firebox. The temperature is controlled by both the amount of fuel you use and the air introduced through the air controls. The stoves on anyway and you’ve paid for the fuel, …why wouldn’t you?


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The Chilli Billie Gentoo

Colour Options
  • Nominal Output 4.3 kW
    Efficiency 81.8 %
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