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A stunning centrepiece for any fireplace, the i750e Deep is a taller model in Charlton & Jenrick's renown 'irange' of electric fires and is designed to be combined within a fireplace. Considerably larger than a standard inset fire, you benefit from a larger display of flames rising above an authentic log effect fuel bed.


Set behind a glass panel, the i750e Deep will bring your room to life providing a stunning focal point that can be used all year round on flame only setting. Instant heat is available when needed through the fires concealed fan heater.


This latest model now including realistic, crackling fire sound effects which add to the realism. It is also compatible with the C&J Smartfire App control. The Smartfire App allows you to control the i750e Deep electric fire from the comfort of your armchair. Easily turn the fire on and off and control heating controls with a few clicks of a button.


Choose between 9 pre-set colours and MY FLAME setting for a custom colour as well as the option to control the brightness of the flames.


Schedule flame and heating settings with up to 4 time periods a day and 3 different weekly schedule patterns available.

Choose between 7 pre-set colours and two custom colour setting as well as the option to control the brightness of the fuel bed.


Choose between 13 different colour options, and a 14th option that cycles through all the colours as well as the option to control the brightness of the led lighting.


Choose between the two optional relaxing fire crackling sound effects and control their volume, or run the fire without any sound effects.


Synchronise the flames, fuel bed, and mood lighting to create one cohesive visual effect.


A thermostat shows the current room temperature on the app, and you can set a desired temperature for a specified amount of time using the timer function.


Available on android and iOS allowing for operation from all your devices.

Colour changeable, low-energy LED flames can be set to match your mood - especially with your main room lights set low. The 'Amberlight' fuel bed on the i750e Deep offers a choice of thirteen colours to choose plus a fourteenth setting that cycles through all thirteen options!

The Charlton & Jenrick i750e has a flame effect only setting allowing you to create a lovely, cosy atmosphere all year round without any heat. When the temperature drops, the fire incorporates a concealed fan heater with up to 1.5kW of heat which is ideal for some extra warmth when it doesn't justify using your main central heating or whilst waiting for your main heat source to warm up when it gets really cold.


Available as an optional extra is Additional Mood Lighting. Four metres of optional Mood Lighting allows you to create the right ambience in your room by lighting the area surrounding your fire. This could be used to conceal on a plinth created under the fire, inside alcoves built around the fire or behind a TV recessed above the fire in a media wall setting.



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iRange i750e Deep Electric Fire

    • Amberlight Fuel bed – A palette of thirteen glorious colours, and a fourteenth setting that cycles through all thirteen options
    • Optional Mood Lighting – Create the right mood in your room by lighting the area surrounding your fire
    • EcoDesign Compliant – Love your fire, love the energy you save
    • Thermocontrol Remote – Simple controls from a single handset
    • Log Fuel Bed - Hand-painted Woodland Log fuel bed
    • Installation - Removable side panels allow for installation with one, two, or three sides of glass showing


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