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Fennek 50 


The Fennek’s legs are fitted with large robust cap nuts and a stainless steel bolt is screwed in there so that the fireplace is free from the ground and there are no rust marks on the terrace.

The door handle is integrated in the right-hand strip of the door. We have made an extra recess in the grappling hook, this can be used to open the door a little bit and then secure it. This position is ideal when starting the fire.


The side panels are hooked into the stove and pressed down considerably, making them very stuck. But they can always be released later by pushing them up again. Furthermore, the side panels are provided with air gaps so that air can enter the combustion chamber in front of the glass, this ensures clean windows.


Furthermore, both have a deep firing bottom, made with the well-known refractory concrete. For the flue we used the same CorTen steel pipes that are known from the Quaruba series.

The lower pipe is again provided with an adjustable valve so that the flame image can be regulated somewhat.


For the first couple of months there can be some rust run off onto the ground however after this initial period the rust sets and there is very little if any rust transfer to the ground.

Fennek 50

  • CorTen steel wood burning stove with clear, straight lines.

    This RB73 outdoor fireplace is the smaller of the two models in the Fennek range.

    Modular design allows for 3 or 4-sided glass options.

    Concrete base stones and back stones in the 3-sided model.

  • Fennek 50 : 56 x 56 x 303 cm (lxwxh) 




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