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The Contura i8 offers you multiple options for creating a unique look in your home. The cassette comes in a range of designs with sidelights on both sides, or on just the right or left side. Door with a cast-iron frame for a robust and subtle look.


Cast iron door

In order to resist the stresses that arise with the large temperature variations, the door must be made from shape-retaining cast iron.


Simple to use

Contura products are equipped with a single control for exact output regulation, which allows simple and precise combustion control.


Clean Burning System

In the rear of the stove there is an extra duct system for spreading preheated combustion air. The system is called Clean Burning and is activated by sliding the control on the front to the left. The stove burns efficiently and for long periods resulting in a combustion with very low particle concentrations.


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Contura i8 / i8G

Colour Options: Black

    OUTPUT -7 kW

    EFFICIENCY - 77%

    HEATS UP TO - 120 m²

    WOOD LENGTH  50 cm

    WEIGHT- 100 kg 

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