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VITCAS®-S wood fired outdoor pizza brick oven is pre-built and insulated. It is manufactured from high quality refractory cement including special fire clay bricks and is pre-insulated using our quality insulating materials. This will save you time in having to construct or insulate yourself. However, you can still add additional insulation over the top, or change the aesthetic in accordance with your personal preference. You can do so by using our decorative bricks or expanding further to buy tiles, paints, etc.

The clay firebrick oven is well insulated, which thus increases its efficiency and heat retention. As a result, it retains the heat well so it stays there longer. This way you can save on wood by using the residual heat to cook or bake the next day. This is not only beneficial for the environment, but also good on your pocket.

The wood burning fire brick oven is ideal for outdoor cooking in the garden. The capacity is 1-2 pizzas at a time, which is perfect for domestic applications, particularly for smaller households and families. Suitable for everyday use e.g. outdoor cooking on those warm summer nights.



  • Clay firebrick outdoor wood fired pizza oven VITCAS-S is a small sized oven ideal for minimum assembly in the smaller space. Most ideal in domestic use, for when you have limited outdoor garden space or a smaller family/household.

    No. of pizzas: 1-2 at a time

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