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his is 7 kW of warm, glowing, chilli-hot, heat. The generous clear glass window offers you a huge uninterrupted view of the fire and it has the added benefit of taking large logs. It is wood only stove. Sleek in black, delicious in red, sublime in seal grey. This stove has passed all of its Ecodesign testing and is awaiting certification, (which is an administrative process). They are available to order and will be dispatched as soon as they receive the certification.


The Penguin 7 has a 7kW output with a large glass window. It uses the re-designed Chilli Penguin clean burn and air wash system, (the same as the Stock Cube series), giving a lovely clear view of the fire. Like all of our stove range, the Penguin 7 is very controllable.


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The Penguin 7

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