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Stove Maintenance - Glass

The ceramic glass is polished, with a silica coating. We recommend the following cleaning methods. Always when the glass is COLD:

* Regularly removing any deposits that have built up on the stove glass. We love a clear view of the fire, so we tend to wipe ours over daily, before we light each fire.

* Use water and a non abrasive cloth or an alcohol based stove glass cleaning solution

* If you have a stubborn carbonised area, perhaps where a log has fallen against the glass, you can use a cleaning sponge available from The Fire Shop to rub the area in small circles until it is removed. Do not use the kind of sponge that has metallic fibres in it.

* We do not recommend alkalis, like bleach, oven cleaner or caustic soda for cleaning this type of stove glass.

Ceramic glass is a service item, if it becomes damaged replacement pieces are available from The Fire Shop

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