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The Quercus is a 3 sided glass outdoor fireplace with pizza oven. It has standard a closed backside with concrete stones.


The sight parts are made of 6mm CorTen steel, the innerparts of 3mm CorTen steel. Since there are air spoilers above each window they remain nice clean during burning. The pizza oven is placed inside the burning room and the hot flue gasses will pass the pizza oven at the back side. So the backside of the oven will get really hot. In the pizza oven is a pizza stone. If you burn the fireplace seriously the stone can get a temperature of 275 degrees. Also the topplate of the fireplace will get hot, so easy to heat up all kind of liquids or food.


A pizza slide will be included. The Quercus is a closed fire and has a flue of 2 meters so you do not suffer from smoke, fire sparks and ash on the terrace.

RB73 Quercus Pizza Oven

  • - 6 + 3mm CorTen steel
    - Concrete bottom stones
    - 1x Outlet Ø 150x2mm L=1000mm
    - 1x Outlet Ø 150x2mm L=1000mm
    + control valve
    - Airspoiler above the glass

    Including rainhood (Spark catcher optional extra +£45)


  • 302 x 50 x 50 cm
    3 sided glass +
    concrete backside

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