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The Ravel 800 BF is a new product designed to operate in buildings without chimneys or flues. This product follows in the footsteps of its extremely successful sister model the Ravel 800 (conventional flue).


The Ravel 800BF incorporates all of the features available on other Ravel products including underlog burner technology, turndown function allowing the rear burners to be turned off to retain flame picture on low and a reliable and easy to use slide control system. Shown here in the Asti 800BF Limestone suite, this fire is available with two trim styles, the Edge, for the sleek trimless look (supplied with product) or the wider standard trim.



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Ravel 800 BF

  • Control Type Slide Control
    Warranty 5 years
    Fuel Type Natural Gas
    Flue Size 125mm (5")
    Colours Black
    Efficiency % 82%
    Heat Output 3kw to 4kw
    Product Material Steel
    Type of Stove Standard Stove
    Heat Type Convected Heat
    Brand Wildfire
    Energy Efficiency Rating B
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