The warmth and comfort of an open-flame gas fire at an affordable price.

The new convector P1 from Paragon maintains the desirable extra-wide, deep fuel bed of its predecessor, the Paragon One, and benefits from a new firebox body. As well as the convective heat that you would expect, the fire gives a fantastic radiant warmth. This all combined helps to give the Convector P1 a substantial output of 4.44kw and a very impressive efficiency of 70.4%.

This practical efficiency, coupled with a realistic fuel bed anda whole range of trim and fret options to stylise the fire, make the new Convector P1 an ideal choice to compliment any room.


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PARAGON Convector P1 Gas Fire

    • Extra wide and deep fuel bed to give probably the most realisitc flame effect in its class
    • Heat outputs of up to 4.4kw at 70.4% efficiency due to its high-efficiency firebox body
    • Ultra-realisitc coal fuel bed
    • Radiant heat gives an impressive and realistic glow to the fuel bed
    • Will operate in most flues including pre-cast subject to an appropriate fireplace