f you have limited space, there’s no need to lower your expectations. Here’s our acclaimed Consort 5, trimmed down to fit small spaces. Specially designed with a shallower fuel bed, the Slimline 5 will fit into a smaller hearth. Remove the optional window bars for a clear view of the flickering flames, and enjoy a fire with real heart. We’ve downsized the stove without sacrificing performance. The Consort 5 Slimline is engineered with the Parkray technology you’ve come to expect Though it’s small, the Slimline 5 is a feisty fire, delivering a proportionally higher heat output than many of its bigger counterparts. So, even if your space is discreet, your stove needn’t be.


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Consort 5 Slimline

    • Heat Output Range (kW)3.5
    • 6Nominal Output (kW)4.4
    • Defra Approved Yes
    • (Multifuel model only)
    • Efficiency (%) - 74.1
    • CO Emissions (at 13% O2) (%) - 0.32
    • Air Brick Required - No
    • Can be installed on a 12mm hearth - Yes
    • Weight (kg)92
    • Stove TechnologyTripleburn Technology
    • Hot Airwash (to keep the glass clean) - Yes
    • Boiler Option - N/A